Hello world!

I have been thinking a lot about starting a blog. That is right, with the 4000zillion blogs out there in the interweb, I started one. In fact this is my 3rd blog I have started….yup 3rd. This will be the first one anyone actually reads.

I am pretty sure only a few people will actually read this blog. But for those few I am grateful. You rock.

Reasons why I think I need a blog:

1. I am a maven. According to Malcom Gladwell, Mavens are people who know stuff…I dont know stuff really, but I can always find stuff and then the teacher in me needs to share it. So watch out, here come videos, links and fun!

2. Writing…

I decided that this year one of my goals is to become a better writer. I mean just because my university profs, my principals and my peers have all LABELED me a bad writer does not mean it has to be something I carry around forever. I mean I am a decent writer when I can write what is on my mind, when I have to write report cards, or other riff raff then I am not as good. Either way. I figure I can only get better by writing more. So there.

3. Everyone else is doin it!

Facebook just isnt cutting it to get my personal thoughts across. I have a self-declared addiction to blogs of all sorts and feel as though I need my own.

So sit back, subscribe via email or RSS feeder, and enjoy! I will!


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