Stop-its family time

At this crazy time of year from December 1st-December 24th we go we go we go. Often the roads are terrible, the people are tired, kids are tired from being at school and people are done. We have not had a break since September, we have been going non stop since then. At 3pm on December 24th, we stop. We stop and it is family time. We sit for long periods of time, we eat copiuous amounts of food, we drink, we love one another.

I guess what my question is is why in the HELL do we have to wait until December 24th to do that? In Canada, it is a hope that we have at least two days off a week. We use those days to do what? In Calgary it is shop (in my opinion, and yes I am just as guilty) or run errands, or take kids to wherever they need to go while swearing at people on the Deerfoot and watching Hannah Montana on DVD’s in the back . But what if…what if we just made some yummy food that did not need to be fancy Martha Stewart dinner. What if we just sat with our friends and talked and loved. Would we be happier? Would we then be able to stop shopping, and filling our void with empty love. Think about in the 1950’s when people would talk and have dinners and impromptu coffees at a friend’s house, were they happier.
If I think back over the last few months on when i was truly relaxed, truly happy here is what I remember:
– brekfast with Korea and Superfriend at a diner
– appies and ski talk/girltalk at Korea and Superfriend’s house
– people at my house for drinks and cheer
– coffee with a good friend at my house

In a disjointed city like Calgary being with family is not always easy, most of us in Calgary are missing our families. Batman and I try to have someone over/go to a friends HOUSE at least once a week. I think this is important, no resturant, no servers to glare at, no people or UFC games to distract you. Just friendship and talking. Simple easy throw in the oven food. A jar of crabapple jelly on the way out. We are calm, we feel like we belong, and we are happy. We stumble home at the end of the night and crawl in to bed talking some more.

If we all spent a little more of our year emulating the feelings we have got this holiday season, sans gift giving, we would be happy 365 days a year and calm 365 days a year. And maybe, just maybe, life would get easier…

♥ Jacqueline


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  1. * horizontelejano says:

    Ok, I think that too, we need stop, just think where we are, who is around us and appreciate them. Well, I’m Daniel from Argentina.


    | Reply Posted 9 years, 6 months ago
  2. * Mollie says:

    I read in a book last night that if families made an attempt to have a least supper together every night there would be among teenagers less violence, less teenage sex, and a lot more bonding/talk between teenagers and their parents. Plus, there would be less divorces between couples. We call the 1950’s old fashioned but, I think they had something going in their families we have missed in our run around world, both Mom and Dad working like crazy, kids are grabbing whatever for supper making the kids fat and attention deficient. I don’t think in 1950 there were kids that were fat like they are now. I think this will become a News Year’s resolution that we will have supper together a least 3 times a week.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 5 months ago

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