NYR failed already?

It has been eons since I last blogged. In fact, it has been a long time since I even logged onto wordpress.

On January 14th, my New Years Resolution failed already. Whaat? 14 days? I have a few resolutions that I sort of just turned into words…friendship, buy less, gratitude…but becoming a better writer was one that, I just could not seem to get off my mind. I would think about what I could write before bed, I would think about what I could write and how to write it when I ran. But when I would sit in front of my computer, I just could not make it here. I was scared.

What are we scared of? I think I am scared of being crummy. What if nobody reads my blog – to which I retort- my mom does! What if I offend someone – to which I retort- oh well! So as I sat down, and began to write it was easy. And now as I wait for Batman to come home so we can go to Muffin and Shredder’s place in Canmore… I want  to write MORE MORE MORE!

NYR can not be forgotten, given up on, and shoved aside just because life gets busy, or things change. We need to remember why it is important to us. Why is losing weight important (to which the reply should SURLY be health). Why is being a better saver important? If we make those goals an investment to ourselves, then we are likely succeed at them.

I just want to be a better writer so one day I can prove Cruella DeVille wrong. Very wrong. 🙂

♥ Yabberjackie


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