Things to see and Do

☼ This wedding website is super cool! It can be strange at times…but cool nonetheless!I especially like that there is “Wedding Porn”
☼ New York is somewhere that I really would like to go…I have been thinking of it often lately! This guy will def help me find the finer parts of NYC. Don’t you wish EVERYONE scouted their own city? Hmm…what would I find in Calgary?
☼ Ok this post from Oddee is a little disgusting if you are sqeemish, but sooo cool if you are science minded and interested in the Human Body’s inner workings
☼ Oh how you continually make Superfriend and I laugh.
Reading blogs got me through the Summer and Fall of not working…you should have as much fun as I have!
☼ Avalanches have been on my mind as of late…here is an interesting product that should be on the market in Canada. This thing is a pillow that is supposed to keep you afloat in an avalanche. More on avalanches in the future. In the meantime check this. (My apologies if you do not speak German…)
Enjoy your weekend!
♥ Yabberjackie


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