Love and Hate from two blocks to 24Kms.

Relationships have been on my mind big time lately. Women love to talk about relationships. The good, the bad, the ugly. There is one long standing relationship in my life that has gone from amazing to non existent. We have been together for 12 years now. We have grown and shaped one another, it has been good and bad, for a brief time it was ugly. It has made me cry, laugh and sleep. Running and I will be together for many many years to come.

I remember my first run. I donned my “sport sandals” and walked to the corner so I could “warm up” and ran sooo far.

Two blocks.

I remember getting that far and thinking sweet! I am soo good! Those early days of running were so much like a relationship. Small steps, thoughts of running all day. It was so glorious when I could finally run at the end of the day. I remember my first pair of “runners” my Old School Air Cadet Clompers. They were about 6lbs each and about 4 inches wide. They were awesome. I made due. I was in love after all. Running met all my needs. We were in unconditional love.

Over the years running and I have had a rocky relationship. My shoes have ended up in the very farthest of the closet, with dust and dirt smattered to them. I would think, wow, it has been a while since I ran. Oh well, I don’t  feel like running right now. Tomorrow. Tomorrow often turned into next week, which often turned into months. And at one point in time running and I broke up for a few years. I would avoid the treadmill, make excuses for not running and just forget about it. But, in my heart there was always an unconditional love of running. I knew it would come back.I knew that one day I would reach far back in the closet and knock on the door of running, apologize for leaving for so long. And it would take me back.

When I moved to Calgary and suffered some hardships I started to run with a Running Room group. 3 days a week I was making good kms. I was up to 18kms (well, technically we got lost and it ended up being 21kms) I was actually training for a half marathon. Then it happened. I got injured, and to no fault of running, we broke up. It was a hard one. I even started cheating on running with my bike. My bike and I broke up over a handle bar incident, but that is for a different day…

Life got easier for a while and we got back together for a little bit over the last two years, we dabbled in one another, a few kms here, a good 8km Edworthy park run there. Nothing serious. Just some random fun.We would hook up, have a good time and then go our seperate ways for a while.

Last night I decided that since all other relationships in my life are sort of in peril right now…I might as well go back to an old friend. I went to a group that was going to run 10Kms. I can totally do that, I mean, come on, I can bang off a quick 5Kms no problem. Running reminded me of how hard I have to work to be in the relationship with it yesterday. My ribs even hurt today.

What I have learned about this relationship is that there always has to be two of us in it. Running needs to be there for me whenever I need it, the good times the bad, when it raining, snowing or sunny. After I have left it for months or years, after I have turned my nose up to it for a while. But at the same time, I need to be there for running, whether it is for 1KM or 24Kms. I always come back to it, but it is patient with me. It is not ALWAYS kind, it is sort of a tough love, “leave me for long enough and I make your obliques hurt for 4 days”  kind of love. Either way it is a fantastic relationship. One I think I am going to cherish for many years to come. Perhaps we can even take our relationship to a new level and start doing it in the morning.


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