Things that make me blissfully happy….

Perhaps it is because I had a fantastic day, perhaps it is my after Yoga glow, perhaps I just feel a little bit at peace today for whatever reason. I feel like I need to write about things that make me blissfully happy.

♥ Dancing ♥

This weekend at Robs grad, I danced. I was probably the only non- grad on the dance floor. But that is ok! It was a fantastic band, there was music, I was wearing the most beautiful dress and fantastic shoes. I danced. Dancing is the human condition. It is the first thing human beings did as a community. It is in our nature. I makes us whole. I love dancing, car, living room, shower, after the shower in between clothes, with kids, with old people, with my friends. Dancing makes me blissfully happy.

♥ Airports♥

Airports are coming and going. They are the excitement of going somewhere or, coming home and having a great story to to tell. I love airports. I love everything about them. The organized chaos of them, the suspense, the anticipation. They are such fascinating places. I could literally hang out in an airport for hours and be in complete awe. Blissfully happy.

♥ The Arrivals gate♥

Furthermore to airports, there is one place in the airport that makes me blissfully happy. In Calgary you get off your plane and you walk down the long hallway, and then you go down some stairs through a slidy door and you arrive. In Regina, you go down a hallway, down the stairs and you have arrived. The most incredible feeling, even more incredible than babies or weddings, or proposals or anything is walking through the slidy doors to a person I love or the exact moment that I see my family in Regina.There is something about that exact moment when you see them, it overwhelms me how fantastic it is.  It makes me BLISSFULLY happy.

♥ The playground ♥

Tonight a friend and I went for a walk. It was just an idea to change things from the way they usually are…we ended up on the swings and in the playground. I must say sitting on the swings and chatting while other kids play baseball on the diamond beside us. Playgrounds bring out the best in adults. They make them remember that life is really pretty easy, if you think about your times on the playground, and you remember the basics of life. Playgrounds are fun. Playgrounds are bright, happy, feel nice and have great swings. I even took a flying leap off the swings tonight. Playgrounds make me blissfully happy.

What makes you blisfully happy? I mean heart exploding out of your chest and butterflies in your tummy happy?


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