“Be Kind”

I often have noticed myself saying this to people. Kids will say something not nice to one aother on the playground or in the classroom and I will ask the question “is that kind?” or people will be talking about someone who has done wrong to them (or me, as of late) and I say “Be kind!”. Am I always kind? Do I heed my own advice? Probably not, but by reminding others to be kind I am reminding myself as well.

What is kindness though? Is kindness in our thoughts, or our words, or our actions? Perhaps it is in the agreements we keep. Or the things that we say to one another. I mean being kind is hard sometimes. People do not always do what we think is right and then we in turn are unkind to them. What I have learned in the last 6 months or so, is that kindess always pays off. Being someone who is kind, will never leave you abandoned. Even if the person who is being unkind to you is the hardest person to share that kindness with, it is always worth it. I do not regret any kindness that I have shown in the last 6 months. Or ever for that matter, even if it was not easy to do at the time.

I got a great text message today, it was about my kindness toward someone who may not be treating me as kind as I am to them, I read it, smiled, and shrugged. It really is nothing, it is easy, and it sets the ultimate example for the people around me.

What if you were kinder to someone today, someone you love, or a stranger, or perhaps yourself through your thoughts. Would it pay off as you lay your beautiful head down to sleep? Try it and get back to me.


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  1. * Céleste says:

    I can see your point, my dear Jackie. I have also read about this very notion; vigilance in kindness, even when being walked all over. I can’t say that I agree that it is always worth it. I wish it was, but when I tried it, it simply left me feeling used, upset and helpless.

    I suppose this could turn into the question “what is kindness?” What does it mean and entail? How, when insulted, used or abused, does one show kindness? It is not during someone’s bad day that I find it difficult to show them kindness, but more so during repeated assaults on me either verbally, physically or emotionally. How do I show these people kindness? Is kindness the same thing as telling them, nicely, that their behaviour is unacceptable? Or is it tolerating atrocious, or even mildy aggrevating behaviour? Is it kind to walk away from a relationship that no longer fulfills you? The other person may certainly not feel that it is kind, and what is kindness if the other person is now upset?

    These are my dilemma’s, and why I feel that the kindness approach is difficult to employ in reality.

    Great posts Jackie, I’m loving reading them!

    | Reply Posted 9 years ago

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