A Butterfly Chrysalys

Today I had the opportunity to experience something magnificent.

I find butterflies fascinating. When I went through my last life change after moving to Calgary and having a relationship go sour, I was at Johnstone Canyon and standing on a wire bridge and suddenly a Monarch fluttered onto my finger. I was lucky enough to have a friend capture it. Someone once told me that a butterfly will only land on you if you are content and at peace. I still remember that moment that the butterfly landed on my finger, I was thinking, wow, my soul is at peace enough for a Monarch to sit peacefully on my finger. I love that picture.

When I came in this morning to the classroom to see the butterflies had emerged, I noticed (with little ones beside me of course) that there was one, that had started to emerge this morning. I was so very excited that I would get to see it emerge today. Whenever the kids were busy working I would sneak and silently root for the butterfly slowly coming out of the chrysalis. I watched it go from a little bit out to almost fully emerged. I will check on it tomorrow and see that it made it all the way out.

It was a little bit difficult for me. Today I made some decisions that made me crawl a little bit out of my chrysalis, I decided to decide to decide. I was watching this butterfly change from a caterpillar to a butterfly, I realized how I have changed from this slow little Caterpillar to something different. Am I at the end…have I arrived, uh, no. Not at all, but, the change is there. It is right there. Another thing I find fascinating about the Caterpillar/butterfly change is the differences in the changes. They all started together as eggs, the all grew to caterpillars together, they all spun chrysalis together but, some are still in chrysalis behind others. Some of the changers are lagging behind. But behold, as long as Ms S doesn’t bump the table too hard (sorry little ones!) they will change in their time. On their time table. We will be there waiting. IMG_0651

I still love Johnstone Canyon, I go there when my soul needs peace. The drive there is windy and treed and usually sunny. When I get near there I can see the Castle Junction I adore sooo much. I love it there. I can hike quickly to the upper falls, and trekk down quickly, or I can take my time, watch the squirrels, giggle at the tourists that are so inappropriately dressed. No matter however I started the hike  I feel like a whole different person when I get to the bottom.  Every time I get to the spot where I found that butterfly, I stop, look around and wish. No others have come to me yet. I am not ready yet. One day soon. One day soon a butterfly will land gently on my finger and remind me that I am ok, I have changed, and my soul is once again at peace.


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  1. * Céleste says:

    That book! You must read that book you bought in Golden. You probably already thought of that though….hmm, add in a Venti Starbucks Americano, Sparkle shoes and a deep breath and I think we have zen folks 😉

    | Reply Posted 9 years ago

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