My mini trip!

Since I plan on being very busy, employed with 1 or 2 jobs from Monday June 29th until forever, I decided that before I came to Regina (here!) I would take a mini trip.

I wanted to go to the mountains so I packed my little sunfire and took off to the mountains. I decided to head down to Waterton National Park and then come up to Regina.  I like listing the different things that I see…so here are the  things I saw.

Wind Power

Wind Energy Mills– I think they are brilliant. They are HUGE! So when I was driving to Pincher Creek there are lots down there, and they are creeeeeeeeeepy. Like ultra creepy. Something about them makes my spine shiver. I guess it is the way they kind of spin lightly but together and sometimes separate. Creepy.

Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump

Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump– The name pretty much rocks. However, one would think that the name is because when the buffalo fall off the cliff that they were being driven off of, they smashed their heads in. NOT SO MY FRIEND! In fact, it is called that because the buffalo runner (highly dangerous profession in Early First Nation times) fell off the cliff and when they found him his head was smashed in. Smashing. Needless to say this place was awesome, I learned a lot from the staff and the very informational video.  Highly recommended you take the 2 hour drive from Calgary to visit it!


A awesome waterfall– This fall is cool because it is a geological fold. Apparently the glaciers folded the rock and this is what happened. It was really pretty!


Animals– Including a Marmot (above!) interesting birds, a Magpie that lead me all the way to the folding falls on foot, deer galore,squirrels (they eat well, it is only June and they are FAT),  two baby fawns, and bears. I only saw the bears in my dreams, well nightmares I guess. I had dreams a bear was trying to snack on me.

Wild Buffalo in the Buffalo Paddock– A strange square that they have raised wild buffalo in. I only saw about 10, I wonder if there were more hiding, or if that was it? In the Paddock it CLEARLY says that the Buffalo will attack if they see you outside your car or if your top is down. So the Floridians in front of me had their top down and then got OUT of their car to take pictures. No American idiots were harmed in the Buffalo Paddock.  Awesome.

RCMP in Red Surge with his daughter beside him in Red Surge Kiddie outfit– Do Americans REALLY think the RCMP are THAT cool? Like they were going nuts over this guy (and his little girl). I seem to remember Celeste telling me that her dad used to do that in Banff tourists. I wonder if he makes extra money for it? I wonder if he gets tipped? Americans are funny creatures.(sorry, no pics)

Wind– Ok, so you dont SEE wind, but at 142am yesterday I had to ensure that my tent was secured. It was the craziest wind ever, made crazier by a fear of becoming a bear snack and being in a tent alone.  Eeep!

2 Dead cows – and by dead cows I mean they had been left in the field in plain sight of the highway for 2 days. They were full out legs in the air bloated. I have some questions for the farmers of those cows. Why have you not moved the cows? What made those two cows die at what seems like the same time? Is it psychologically scarring to the other cows to see the dead cows? Are you going to have a funeral?

Random things in the middle of highway 4– A dude in what appeared to be a carriage pulled by horses- at least he waved! – A garage that was built on a hill with the hill dug out as the top of the garage ( my description does it no justice, sorry no pictures) – a lot of overweight older people in fancy motor homes

Big Tipi

The Tipi– I have some questions for the builder of this Tipi. Why is this Tipi completely not to scale (Tipi’s have 15 poles). What (other than the sign that says “Worlds Biggest Tipi” ) is this Tipi exactly for? IF you say it is for a summer pow-wow, that is awesome, that will be one scorching pow wow. Good job at building a huge monstrosity for the sake of one pow wow. And PS  is so ugly it hurts.

That was my trip…now my adventure in Saskatchewan begins…


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