Fly Girl’s TiLT

the smell after it rains, calling home and knowing they miss you, happy dogs, Freddy (the hangar dog), Radar (the hangar cat that snuggles with the girls during ground school- and gets kicked out ) , coloring on Radar, people that believed I wouldnt get this scholarship- they pushed me to succeed, grateful for not being at penhold, no boy zone, meeting new people and and new friends, for my parents because they are making sacrifices on the farm for me to be here, natural sounds in the enviroment, eskimos hat that catches the attention of the Roughriders we live with, having a patient instructor, showers that do not feel too hot or too cold, staff that wont take away my phone (yet- edited by Jacqueline), runs in the rain, wind in the trees, girls that make Velvet and Jacqueline laugh our butts off, boys without shirts in the park, nicknames – like Velve, Ging, and Dan Man, funny and relaxed staff, getting away from home drama and changes, having different expectations on you, being able to be yourself with friends that you went to glider with, opportunity to work with super fly girls, Ford Flex that looks like a hurst, pop of freshness from the apple juice bottle, Jacqueline’s driving waiver, having a piano to play, ice cream

We are having a blast and week 1 together is almost over!

Moms and Dad’s we send you love!

I am keeping them all safe and you have wonderful daughters!!!!!


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