Fly Schol TiLT Week 2

people who are willing to help ♥ surprise visits from dad ♥ random running into people ♥ new clothes ♥ warm jammies ♥ days that you can chill with your girlfriends and cosmo ♥ interesting laughs ♥ inside jokes ♥ pick-up lines ♥ ice cream ♥ people believing in me ♥ small words of encouragement ♥ hot drinks and people who’s smiles light up a room ♥ my dad believing in me ♥ encouraging instructors ♥ “get your pointy hat on” ♥ tolerance and understanding ♥ Freddy and Radar and Okee, our pets ♥ missing Velvet for the next 3 weeks ♥ for my dad! ♥ people noticing improvement ♥ everyone passing the PSTAR (PS…the only Fly Schol in the Region to have EVERYONE PASS!!!! MUAHAHAHA!)

Things we learned:
Its ok to ask for help when we need it
Face my fears
The hardest part of an exam is not failing, but doing better on the next one
Not the destination it is the journey to get there
The actual realization that I am here and doing this!
We have awesome instructors!
No matter how much I know I still know nothing compared to what I need to know
Not to take things for granted life


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