Cadet Hair Evolved

I was telling my girls yesterday how it was so interesting how cadet hairstyles have changed over the last few years.

When I first started cadets it was pretty standard to have your hair put back in a bun, either in the middle of your head or at the top so that your wedge could go over top of it.I remember when girls used to get bigger wedges so they could put their wedge on the outside of their bun. Ick.

After that what was cool was parting your hair in the middle and gelling it down into a low bun.

About 6 years ago Central Region introduced the side part. I remember first seeing it when I went to Ottawa on Nationals. It is the hair parted on the side and a clear part in your hair all the way back.

In the meantime double braids and french one stroke braids were cool. I found them to be quite impractical because they would always fall out and be annoying.

The last few years have been the bang swoop. Where you put a small part in your bangs with a low bun. It is my personal fav.

Now, the new and improved Braided swoop. Bangs braided with hair gelled down and in a low bun.

Perhaps I will get my girls to do the styles and model them…more to follow.


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