Bye for now Bruce….

...and then with one last beautiful sweeping turn, he dropped out of sight. Gone to become the powder.

My friend Bruce has been fighting the worst battle of his entire life and has surrendered to the end and has passed away. Cancer was the culprit, seething throughout his blood, it gave him no chance to excercise his right to fight. He did for a while, but the disease was much too much.

To be honest, I have never had a friend leave earth. I have had 2 people close to me leave, but never a friend. It feels different.

Bruce was different. Dan and I met Bruce, M.F. and Emelie in December of 2007. We went out for some Powder, to learn to snowboard and to get away for New Years Eve. When we got to their house we were astonished at the hospitality Bruce and M.F. showed us. While M.F. took care of Emelie, Bruce shared a glass of wine and ski stories. I thought that Dan may have gone to heaven, someone who had the love of skiing like him, was one of the nicest guys in the area, and showed us the routes to boot! We had a great time while in Golden that winter.

Spring came, and after being back to Golden a few more times, we decided that we NEEDED to be there. I remember saying to Dan, “If everyone in Golden is as nice as Bruce is, we need to be here forever” and he agreed. We purchased our land out there soon after.

Bruce inspired me. He inspired me to think outside the box in my relationships, in the way I honored the hill, in my outlook on life. I did not know Bruce’s story inside and out, but I was astonished at how easily he shared things with me that other people may not be comfortable sharing. I would often ask him questions, that perhaps I would not ask anyone else that I knew on a level like Bruce, and he would oblige, with the truth and from the heart. Bruce inspired me to become a better snowboarder, to understand the importance of community- in a place like Golden, to take chances, to live life to the very fullest. I can still picture his smile beaming back at me when he made rice bread for me. He took a risk at 5:30am for me and it turned out beautifully. Nobody else has attempted that feat.

The last night I spent with Bruce before I left for Regina for the summer was awesome. We chatted all night and he made supper for me. That is right, Bruce, who I was there to take care of, made supper for me.  I remember I woke up hourly to listen across the hall to make sure he was still there and comfortable. Even close to the sickest he was, he was still so kind to me, I remember leaving that morning and feeling like if I never got to see him again on earth, he would definitely be part of my heaven. On the ski hill of course. In the meadow.

Bruce taught me that it is imparative that we do not take a single day for granted. He lived life. Bruce lived to the max, he was successful, he was happy no matter what. Bruce worked a lot of bars and serving. He was a people person, and even though the money was likely not always great, if it got him a lift ticket or some time to ride his bike, it was the best job ever.  He was able to start a beautiful business and had two of the most beautiful ladies in his life. Emelie will forever be in my heart, I know God only gives us what we can handle, and even though it will be very difficult forever, Emelie has the fight of Bruce in her to do it. M.F. will forever be in my heart, she will do amazing things with Emelie and I hope she can grieve and be sad and then know that Bruce is always one turn ahead of her (or behind her) on the ski hill.

It is with a heavy heart that I say in my own way, good bye for now Bruce. My first run this year will be fore you. One day,  I will see you in the Meadow. Bring powder.


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  1. * Jods says:


    Thank you for sharing this. By the sounds of things, it is people like Bruce who make the sun shine brighter, life richer and the world a more beautiful place. My thoughts are with you and your friends at this difficult time!

    xo Jods xo

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 11 months ago

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