Job. Home. Love.

Last year, when life got really tough, no job, ended relationship as it was, living on people’s extra beds and bedrooms I made myself a mantra. 3 easy words that I could look forward to and deal with.

Job. Home. Love.

I made those 3 words in that order and had not said anything else about what they would look like. I had hopes of what I wanted, but no expectations. I wanted them in that order. Meaning, I would deal with my job situation first, my home situation next and then love would hopefully, inevitably come.

One day I sat on my bed and I closed my eyes. I did a very powerful visualization excercise, that to this day, I continue to remember. I visualized myself in a classroom, with lots of windows, I was sitting on a pretty chair, there were books and little children all around me and the ceiling of the classroom had beautiful fabric. Not long after that I got a phone call for an interview of a place that I had put my resume in for haphazardly and forgotten about. When they gave me a tour of the place I felt at ease, one particular classroom I went in was it. That was the EXACT place I was visualizing. I was brought nearly to tears at that very moment. I still had to do an interview, but my confidence was boosted knowing that I would be here. This was the place.

My classroom is a little different now, it is in a different place, but I still sit on a pretty chair with fabric from the ceilings and books and little ones all around me.

It is the next phase, Home.

I signed the papers for my place the other day, I love it. There is room, there is everything I want and ask for, I can bike to work, I have a view of the mountains close, I am on the way out-of-town towards the mountains, it is perfect. I am starting to visualize how I want to fill my house with beauty and really make it mine. I am getting very, very excited!

Having just a 3 word mantra to focus on is so powerful. It allowed me to know that “Ok, do not worry about home and love right now, that is going to come, but RIGHT NOW, you need to worry about your job. Getting a job, being the best you can at the job you are at, and developing that deep passion about that job”  and I did. Is it easy and perfect every day, no, Friday was a SHIT SHOW but most days are fabulous, I have a Manager that respects and cares about me, and colleagues that are fantastic! I am so grateful for my job with all of its blessings and challenges.

I am starting to get anxious about Love now….but having this mantra is helping so much, this is the Home time, Love time will come and until then have a BLAST maintaining my job and creating my home.

Isn’t life exciting?

Love as always



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