Sunny beautiful morning

I woke up with the sun shining in my window. It was fantastic! I knew the day was beautiful before I even opened my eyes!

I did what I wanted, with no agenda, got nothing to little done and I feel blissful. I wish I had just a little bit more time today to spend doing a little bit less. For next week I suppose.

As I go to sleep on Sunday’s I like to think of what my week’s focus will be on.

This week:

The little things: mailing that letter, doing the wreched paper work that i have been carrying around for 3 weeks, the small things that make life annoying sometimes.

Move my body: I feel the urge to hit the gym hard despite my RIDICULOUS sciatic nerve making me crazy! (as I type this I am icing) So I want to do some swimming and running. Perhaps a little biking!

Love as always!



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