101 things to do updated- by May 22nd 2012

Here is my updated list. Some things are done, some things are revised!

By March 22nd 2012:

1.  Snowshoe 8km or more
2. Surf in the ocean
3. Drive to Vancouver
4. PEI Bike tour
5. Either Colorado or Utah Snowboarding
6. 101 Yoga Classes
7. 1/2 Marathon– Check! Done October 2009
8. Tropical Vacation
9. Visit New York City
10. Create and stick to a budget for 6 months
11. Pay off Mastercard
12. Cut up said Mastercard– Check!
13. Create a 3 month emergency money fund
14. Learn to knit
15. Learn some guitar
16. Do 5 jumps that are higher than 6 ft on my snowboard
17. Take a swimming lesson– Check! Total Immersion swimming!

This was not technically a swimming LESSON, but it was instructional. My list, my rules !
18. Take a modern dance class
19. Read 3 finacial planning books
20. Learn to identify 10 different bird species
21. Learn to identify 20 different wild plants– Check! Technically I learned 20 Bach Flower remedies, and what THEY do, but I did it.
22. Meditate for 7 minutes 30 days in a row
23. Adjust wake up time to 6am consistently
24. Journal 1 page 30 days in a row
25. Do a 10km race in less than 1:09
26. Do a 5K race in less than 32 minutes
27. Do a mini triathalon
28. Learn to redo upholstered furniture
29. Paint a picture worthy of hanging in my house
30. Get my photos printed and in albums
31. Backcountry camp
32. Backcountry snowboard
33. Watch Kyla’s list of movies I must see
34. Read 5 classic childrens novels
35. Plant a garden with carrots, peas, beets, lettuce, tomatoes
36. Learn how to do some canning.
37. Learn to make pierogies
38. Can 7 different items
39. Write a letter to my 30 year old self
40. Raft the bow
41. Glacier climb
42. Take a rock climbing class
43. Swim under a waterfall
44. Play one season of Rec Soccer
45. Go on a 3 day date
46. Take a photography class
47. Go vegan for 3 days
48. Go vegetarian for 1 week
49. Eat “raw” Breakfast and lunch for 1 week
50. Go 3 weeks without missing my vitamins or probiotics
51. Create a fancy cake
52. Buy nothing for one week
53. Not miss church for 6 weeks in a row
54. Eat only unprocessed foods for 1 week
55. Wear high heels every Monday for a month.
56. Take 2 spontaneous trips
57. Have Julie do my photos– check! Julie Jenkins, you Rock my world
58. Go Whitewater rafting
59. Take another whitewater rafting class
60. Sew a baby quilt
61. Learn 25 homeopathic remedies – Check! Go on test me….
62. Have one zero impact day
63. Get a composter
64. Get pots and pans that will last 25 years without breaking
65. Get a hot stone massage
66. Have “High Tea” in Banff or Lake Louise
67. Ski Castle Mountain
68. Do an ER run at Lake louise– Check. Perhaps Boomerang does not count…but it does.
69. Learn to play 3 card games
70. Get a dog
71. Get a fish– Check! He Died.
72. Serve supper at the Foothills shelter
73. Go to a movie alone– Check! Harry Potter!
74. Take 1 skiing lesson
75. Skinny dip
76. Learn how to tell the difference between 2 wines– Check! Cab and Shiraz. Easy peasy.
77. Have a fancy Christmas party
78. Give 5 homemade Christmas gifts (not baking)
79. Eat at an Ethiopian Restaurant
80. NEW: Eat at an East Indian Buffet
81. Treat a friend to fancy dinner just because
82. Write a letter to 5 inspirational women thanking them
83. Cancel Cable.– Check. again. Julie.
84. Finish my cloud project.
85. Go to the zoo– Check! Fun!
86. Visit 10 different museums
87. Close the bar at Stampede
88. NEW: Take a random trip.
89. NEW: Get a mac.
90. Read the Alchemist- Check! Did not love it. Am I alone with this?
91. Read Finding your North Star
92. Learn 10 constellations and identify them
93. Keep a houseplant alive for 365 days
94. Zip line
95. Smudge.
96. Re-file life papers-Check! 2 Boxes to one file folder!
97. Open RRSP– Check!
98. Learn to jive
99. Get a small tattoo
100. NEW: Fall in love with myself. Ha! Take that Category 5 year 25 hurricane!
101. Have a butterfly land on my finger again.

Wow! I am astonished at how much I have completed!

More to do more to do! But so fun!



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