Cadet Hair Evolved

I was telling my girls yesterday how it was so interesting how cadet hairstyles have changed over the last few years.

When I first started cadets it was pretty standard to have your hair put back in a bun, either in the middle of your head or at the top so that your wedge could go over top of it.I remember when girls used to get bigger wedges so they could put their wedge on the outside of their bun. Ick.

After that what was cool was parting your hair in the middle and gelling it down into a low bun.

About 6 years ago Central Region introduced the side part. I remember first seeing it when I went to Ottawa on Nationals. It is the hair parted on the side and a clear part in your hair all the way back.

In the meantime double braids and french one stroke braids were cool. I found them to be quite impractical because they would always fall out and be annoying.

The last few years have been the bang swoop. Where you put a small part in your bangs with a low bun. It is my personal fav.

Now, the new and improved Braided swoop. Bangs braided with hair gelled down and in a low bun.

Perhaps I will get my girls to do the styles and model them…more to follow.


Week 4 – the hump

If you are not a fan of Wednesdays, perhaps you would not be a fan of Week 4 at a cadet camp.

This week I have realized that it does not matter where you go, Penhold, Gimli, Cold Lake or Regina Fly Schol- the island unto its own. Week 4 is tough. Here is a list of reasons why Week 4 is always the most painful to take:

1. It is always the non-payday week. After you have spent your entire   catching up on things you “were going to take care of with your camp money” it usually means there is only little left for a few drinks at the mess, or in my case starbucks, you are feeling the heat of needing the second paycheque to come quickly. Not to mention Christmas in July, which if you are a sucker, always seems to cost you some ridiculous candy money.

2. You have sorted yourself out socially, and the drama begins! People start dating, or in my case of all girls, hating, and people get catty. It is when the drama begins, and inevitably someone’s boyfriend/girlfriend broke up with them from home or your grandma’s, uncles, brother’s mom’s boyfriend’s best friend’s cat died and this causes you to convulse into a heaping mess of emotion on your bed.

3. You are tired. Too many nights at the mess, or in our case too much studying, have caused you to become exhausted. You are no longer interested in doing your shoes/boots and skirts take a bust out of the closet if you are in blues.

4. Homesickness. This is the affliction that I am feeling the most right now. I chose to go away from Calgary a week early, and don’t regret that, but I am 5 weeks away from home and I miss my comfy bed, my BFFEL and food that is not laced with salt, deep fried, or end in -otatoes.

While all of these things feel like they are terrible about week 4 they are a cycle. Week 5 will come and so will strep throat (oh the fevers have begun on our floor already! ). My hope is that we do not get an illness that invovles throwing up. At least I wont have lice to deal with!!!

But there are interesting things about week 4 that feel comfortable in a sense.

1. Friendships are strong. You have found your friend that will not stop talking to you until Christmas holidays. This friend will stay up talking to you about things you only talk about at cadet camp. If you are as lucky as I am you might even get to go out to the Tarmac and midnight running and then watch the stars with a friend you will never forget about. Lee Anne and I still talk about that night we giggled ourselves to death as our friendship grew! Relationships also begin. I am almost positive I met most of my previous boyfriends when I was in cadets in week 4. *When on floor duty in week 4 avoid the tree at JJ’s in Penhold in order to avoid dealing with RTU paperwork…** just a tip.

2. You are stretching. You are tired, sick, missing Crave cupcakes (ok, maybe just me), missing your BFFEL and by now you have gone through your 4th bottle of pink Dippity Doo and your 15th hairnet that gets inevitably snagged on a bobby pin daily. But you are doing things you never expected you could. I watch my girls push through every hour of this week with extreme pain, and I am so excited to see the beautiful successes that will emerge on Friday.

3. The giggles! My girls are a heap of giggles. You trust one another enough to laugh your butt off at the most ridiculous of things. Today’s giggle fiesta started with this conversation..

Zoe: I always share my ice cream cone with my Dog

Hannah: You know that when you share your ice cream cone with your dog you are making out with its…ass.

it was unleashed after that!

4. The weather feels the same no matter what. This is actually what inspired me to write about week 4. Last night as I went for a run, I noticed that it was cool. The light was shining in this way that I specifically remember from my days of Penhold. It is the mix of that cool, clammy night, with the sunshine shining perfectly on the road and the smell of summer that had all of these memories of week 4’s gone by. I still remember that feeling as we would shower and walk down the road yelling at kids as we did, to the Staff lounge or the mess when I was in Penhold. You always need a long sleeve shirt and the sun will set before you have to be home. When you wake up in the morning you will need your sweater most days until 8:30am and then you boil at 9:00am.

Week 4 will always be a cycle. A cycle that starts with the freshness of week 3 and hits you like a Wednesday morning. Only to find you in Week 5 asking how this happened so fast and feeling a little bit worried that in a week and a half your summer is over, your BFFEL or your new love, or your feeling of saftey at camp where you belong and feel like you are loved will be done. You will go home to your comfy bed, Crave cupcakes and your BFFEL and miss it all.

Fly Schol TiLT Week 2

people who are willing to help ♥ surprise visits from dad ♥ random running into people ♥ new clothes ♥ warm jammies ♥ days that you can chill with your girlfriends and cosmo ♥ interesting laughs ♥ inside jokes ♥ pick-up lines ♥ ice cream ♥ people believing in me ♥ small words of encouragement ♥ hot drinks and people who’s smiles light up a room ♥ my dad believing in me ♥ encouraging instructors ♥ “get your pointy hat on” ♥ tolerance and understanding ♥ Freddy and Radar and Okee, our pets ♥ missing Velvet for the next 3 weeks ♥ for my dad! ♥ people noticing improvement ♥ everyone passing the PSTAR (PS…the only Fly Schol in the Region to have EVERYONE PASS!!!! MUAHAHAHA!)

Things we learned:
Its ok to ask for help when we need it
Face my fears
The hardest part of an exam is not failing, but doing better on the next one
Not the destination it is the journey to get there
The actual realization that I am here and doing this!
We have awesome instructors!
No matter how much I know I still know nothing compared to what I need to know
Not to take things for granted life

Fly Girl’s TiLT

the smell after it rains, calling home and knowing they miss you, happy dogs, Freddy (the hangar dog), Radar (the hangar cat that snuggles with the girls during ground school- and gets kicked out ) , coloring on Radar, people that believed I wouldnt get this scholarship- they pushed me to succeed, grateful for not being at penhold, no boy zone, meeting new people and and new friends, for my parents because they are making sacrifices on the farm for me to be here, natural sounds in the enviroment, eskimos hat that catches the attention of the Roughriders we live with, having a patient instructor, showers that do not feel too hot or too cold, staff that wont take away my phone (yet- edited by Jacqueline), runs in the rain, wind in the trees, girls that make Velvet and Jacqueline laugh our butts off, boys without shirts in the park, nicknames – like Velve, Ging, and Dan Man, funny and relaxed staff, getting away from home drama and changes, having different expectations on you, being able to be yourself with friends that you went to glider with, opportunity to work with super fly girls, Ford Flex that looks like a hurst, pop of freshness from the apple juice bottle, Jacqueline’s driving waiver, having a piano to play, ice cream

We are having a blast and week 1 together is almost over!

Moms and Dad’s we send you love!

I am keeping them all safe and you have wonderful daughters!!!!!

101 Things in 1001 Days- June 25th, 2009 to March 22nd 2012

  1. Snowshoe 8km or more
  2. Surf in the ocean
  3. Drive to Vancouver
  4. PEI Bike tour with mom
  5. Either Colorado or Utah Snowboarding
  6. 101 Yoga Classes
  7. 1/2 Marathon
  8. Tropical Vacation
  9. Visit New York City
  10. Create and stick to a budget for 6 months
  11. Pay off Mastercard
  12. Cut up said Mastercard
  13. Create a 3 month emergency money fund
  14. Learn to knit
  15. Learn some guitar
  16. Do 5 jumps that are higher than 6 ft on my snowboard
  17. Take a swimming lesson
  18. Take a modern dance class
  19. Read 3 finacial planning books
  20. Learn to identify 10 different bird species
  21. Learn to identify 20 different wild plants
  22. Meditate for 7 minutes 30 days in a row
  23. Adjust wake up time to 6am consistently
  24. Journal 1 page 30 days in a row
  25. Do a 10km race in less than 1:09
  26. Do a 5K race in less than 29:35
  27. Do a mini triathalon
  28. Learn to redo upholstered furniture
  29. Paint a picture worthy of hanging in my house
  30. Get my photos printed and in albums
  31. Backcountry camp
  32. Backcountry snowboard
  33. Watch Kyla’s list of movies I must see
  34. Read 5 classic childrens novels
  35. Plant a garden with carrots, peas, beets, lettuce, tomatoes
  36. Learn how to do some canning.
  37. Learn to make pierogies
  38. Can 7 different items
  39. Write a letter to my 30 year old self
  40. Raft the bow
  41. Glacier climb
  42. Take a rock climbing class
  43. Swim under a waterfall
  44. Play one season of Rec Soccer
  45. Go on a 3 day date
  46. Take a photography class
  47. Go vegan for 3 days
  48. Go vegetarian for 1 week
  49. Eat “raw” Brekfast and lunch for 1 week
  50. Go 3 weeks without missing my vitamins or probiotics
  51. Create a fancy cake
  52. Buy nothing for one week
  53. Not miss church for 6 weeks in a row
  54. Eat only unprocessed foods for 1 week
  55. Wear high heels every Monday for a month.
  56. Take 2 spontaneius trips
  57. Have Julie do my photos
  58. Go Whitewater rafting
  59. Take another whitewater rafting class
  60. Sew a baby quilt
  61. Learn 25 homeopathic remedies
  62. Have one zero impact day
  63. Get a composter
  64. Get pots and pans that will last 25 years without breaking
  65. Get a hot stone massage
  66. Have “High Tea” in Banff or Lake Louise
  67. Ski Castle Mountain
  68. Do an ER run at Lake louise
  69. Learn to play 3 card games
  70. Get a dog
  71. Get a fish
  72. Serve supper at the Foothills shelter
  73. Go to a movie alone
  74. Take 1 skiing lesson
  75. Skinny dip
  76. Learn how to tell the difference between 2 wines
  77. Have a fancy Christmas party
  78. Give 5 homemade Christmas gifts (not baking)
  79. Eat at an Ethiopian Restaurant
  80. Eat at an African Resturant
  81. Treat a friend to fancy dinner just because
  82. Write a letter to 5 inspirational women thanking them
  83. Cancel Cable.
  84. Finish my cloud project.
  85. Go to the zoo
  86. Visit 10 different museums
  87. Close the bar at Stampede
  88. Try Waterskiing
  89. Take a low level snowboard instructing course
  90. Read the Alchemist
  91. Read Finding your North Star
  92. Learn 10 constellations and identify them
  93. Keep a houseplant alive for 365 days
  94. Zip line
  95. Smudge.
  96. Re-file life papers
  97. Open RRSP
  98. Learn to jive
  99. Get a small tattoo
  100. Get engaged to the man of my dreams
  101. Have a butterfly land on my finger again.

My mini trip!

Since I plan on being very busy, employed with 1 or 2 jobs from Monday June 29th until forever, I decided that before I came to Regina (here!) I would take a mini trip.

I wanted to go to the mountains so I packed my little sunfire and took off to the mountains. I decided to head down to Waterton National Park and then come up to Regina.  I like listing the different things that I see…so here are the  things I saw.

Wind Power

Wind Energy Mills– I think they are brilliant. They are HUGE! So when I was driving to Pincher Creek there are lots down there, and they are creeeeeeeeeepy. Like ultra creepy. Something about them makes my spine shiver. I guess it is the way they kind of spin lightly but together and sometimes separate. Creepy.

Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump

Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump– The name pretty much rocks. However, one would think that the name is because when the buffalo fall off the cliff that they were being driven off of, they smashed their heads in. NOT SO MY FRIEND! In fact, it is called that because the buffalo runner (highly dangerous profession in Early First Nation times) fell off the cliff and when they found him his head was smashed in. Smashing. Needless to say this place was awesome, I learned a lot from the staff and the very informational video.  Highly recommended you take the 2 hour drive from Calgary to visit it!


A awesome waterfall– This fall is cool because it is a geological fold. Apparently the glaciers folded the rock and this is what happened. It was really pretty!


Animals– Including a Marmot (above!) interesting birds, a Magpie that lead me all the way to the folding falls on foot, deer galore,squirrels (they eat well, it is only June and they are FAT),  two baby fawns, and bears. I only saw the bears in my dreams, well nightmares I guess. I had dreams a bear was trying to snack on me.

Wild Buffalo in the Buffalo Paddock– A strange square that they have raised wild buffalo in. I only saw about 10, I wonder if there were more hiding, or if that was it? In the Paddock it CLEARLY says that the Buffalo will attack if they see you outside your car or if your top is down. So the Floridians in front of me had their top down and then got OUT of their car to take pictures. No American idiots were harmed in the Buffalo Paddock.  Awesome.

RCMP in Red Surge with his daughter beside him in Red Surge Kiddie outfit– Do Americans REALLY think the RCMP are THAT cool? Like they were going nuts over this guy (and his little girl). I seem to remember Celeste telling me that her dad used to do that in Banff tourists. I wonder if he makes extra money for it? I wonder if he gets tipped? Americans are funny creatures.(sorry, no pics)

Wind– Ok, so you dont SEE wind, but at 142am yesterday I had to ensure that my tent was secured. It was the craziest wind ever, made crazier by a fear of becoming a bear snack and being in a tent alone.  Eeep!

2 Dead cows – and by dead cows I mean they had been left in the field in plain sight of the highway for 2 days. They were full out legs in the air bloated. I have some questions for the farmers of those cows. Why have you not moved the cows? What made those two cows die at what seems like the same time? Is it psychologically scarring to the other cows to see the dead cows? Are you going to have a funeral?

Random things in the middle of highway 4– A dude in what appeared to be a carriage pulled by horses- at least he waved! – A garage that was built on a hill with the hill dug out as the top of the garage ( my description does it no justice, sorry no pictures) – a lot of overweight older people in fancy motor homes

Big Tipi

The Tipi– I have some questions for the builder of this Tipi. Why is this Tipi completely not to scale (Tipi’s have 15 poles). What (other than the sign that says “Worlds Biggest Tipi” ) is this Tipi exactly for? IF you say it is for a summer pow-wow, that is awesome, that will be one scorching pow wow. Good job at building a huge monstrosity for the sake of one pow wow. And PS  is so ugly it hurts.

That was my trip…now my adventure in Saskatchewan begins…

A Butterfly Chrysalys

Today I had the opportunity to experience something magnificent.

I find butterflies fascinating. When I went through my last life change after moving to Calgary and having a relationship go sour, I was at Johnstone Canyon and standing on a wire bridge and suddenly a Monarch fluttered onto my finger. I was lucky enough to have a friend capture it. Someone once told me that a butterfly will only land on you if you are content and at peace. I still remember that moment that the butterfly landed on my finger, I was thinking, wow, my soul is at peace enough for a Monarch to sit peacefully on my finger. I love that picture.

When I came in this morning to the classroom to see the butterflies had emerged, I noticed (with little ones beside me of course) that there was one, that had started to emerge this morning. I was so very excited that I would get to see it emerge today. Whenever the kids were busy working I would sneak and silently root for the butterfly slowly coming out of the chrysalis. I watched it go from a little bit out to almost fully emerged. I will check on it tomorrow and see that it made it all the way out.

It was a little bit difficult for me. Today I made some decisions that made me crawl a little bit out of my chrysalis, I decided to decide to decide. I was watching this butterfly change from a caterpillar to a butterfly, I realized how I have changed from this slow little Caterpillar to something different. Am I at the end…have I arrived, uh, no. Not at all, but, the change is there. It is right there. Another thing I find fascinating about the Caterpillar/butterfly change is the differences in the changes. They all started together as eggs, the all grew to caterpillars together, they all spun chrysalis together but, some are still in chrysalis behind others. Some of the changers are lagging behind. But behold, as long as Ms S doesn’t bump the table too hard (sorry little ones!) they will change in their time. On their time table. We will be there waiting. IMG_0651

I still love Johnstone Canyon, I go there when my soul needs peace. The drive there is windy and treed and usually sunny. When I get near there I can see the Castle Junction I adore sooo much. I love it there. I can hike quickly to the upper falls, and trekk down quickly, or I can take my time, watch the squirrels, giggle at the tourists that are so inappropriately dressed. No matter however I started the hike  I feel like a whole different person when I get to the bottom.  Every time I get to the spot where I found that butterfly, I stop, look around and wish. No others have come to me yet. I am not ready yet. One day soon. One day soon a butterfly will land gently on my finger and remind me that I am ok, I have changed, and my soul is once again at peace.


“Be Kind”

I often have noticed myself saying this to people. Kids will say something not nice to one aother on the playground or in the classroom and I will ask the question “is that kind?” or people will be talking about someone who has done wrong to them (or me, as of late) and I say “Be kind!”. Am I always kind? Do I heed my own advice? Probably not, but by reminding others to be kind I am reminding myself as well.

What is kindness though? Is kindness in our thoughts, or our words, or our actions? Perhaps it is in the agreements we keep. Or the things that we say to one another. I mean being kind is hard sometimes. People do not always do what we think is right and then we in turn are unkind to them. What I have learned in the last 6 months or so, is that kindess always pays off. Being someone who is kind, will never leave you abandoned. Even if the person who is being unkind to you is the hardest person to share that kindness with, it is always worth it. I do not regret any kindness that I have shown in the last 6 months. Or ever for that matter, even if it was not easy to do at the time.

I got a great text message today, it was about my kindness toward someone who may not be treating me as kind as I am to them, I read it, smiled, and shrugged. It really is nothing, it is easy, and it sets the ultimate example for the people around me.

What if you were kinder to someone today, someone you love, or a stranger, or perhaps yourself through your thoughts. Would it pay off as you lay your beautiful head down to sleep? Try it and get back to me.

I did do it….

I woke up 15 minutes early.

I was still almost late for work!

How the HECK does that happen?

Change, one step at a time

In order to inflict change on ourselves, we must take baby steps.

– Lyle Benko

I challenged a friend yesterday. I challenged them to make one tiny change in their life. This person is attempting to make profound changes and has so much to deal with right now, it all seems overwhelming. So one small change. Something doable. This friend of mine chose to be kinder to one particular person today. The affect was incredible. I found out in a roundabout Jacqueline way that the person succeeded (I needed to keep them accountable) and the person who received the kindness were so happy that kindness was brought toward them. And more grateful than I could have ever expected.

What if we made one TINY change in our lives. What is the ripple? What change can you make in yourself tomorrow that is achievable, and doable and might affect you, or someone else.

I think tomorrow’s small change for me is to get up 15 minutes earlier than I have to. I feel so rushed in the morning and I feel super stressed. 15 minutes. Half an episode of the Simpsons (I always use this analagy when I tell kids they should read for 15 minutes a night). I can do that. I wont be rushed, I wont be late, I will look more professional. Everyone wins. I might even remember to put mascara on (oops!).

BABY steps. A leaky sink with a stopper in it can flood your kitchen pretty quickly. A small drop in the bucket of success.