Change, one step at a time

In order to inflict change on ourselves, we must take baby steps.

– Lyle Benko

I challenged a friend yesterday. I challenged them to make one tiny change in their life. This person is attempting to make profound changes and has so much to deal with right now, it all seems overwhelming. So one small change. Something doable. This friend of mine chose to be kinder to one particular person today. The affect was incredible. I found out in a roundabout Jacqueline way that the person succeeded (I needed to keep them accountable) and the person who received the kindness were so happy that kindness was brought toward them. And more grateful than I could have ever expected.

What if we made one TINY change in our lives. What is the ripple? What change can you make in yourself tomorrow that is achievable, and doable and might affect you, or someone else.

I think tomorrow’s small change for me is to get up 15 minutes earlier than I have to. I feel so rushed in the morning and I feel super stressed. 15 minutes. Half an episode of the Simpsons (I always use this analagy when I tell kids they should read for 15 minutes a night). I can do that. I wont be rushed, I wont be late, I will look more professional. Everyone wins. I might even remember to put mascara on (oops!).

BABY steps. A leaky sink with a stopper in it can flood your kitchen pretty quickly. A small drop in the bucket of success.




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  1. * Jewel says:

    How did the wake up go this morning?

    | Reply Posted 9 years ago

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